Simple Joys While Out of Town

Simple Joys While Out of Town

Instead of going to High School my senior year, I enrolled as a Foreign Exchange Student. This was one of the hardest things I ever chose to do, leaving my friends during my senior year and possibly missing out on some great memories, but… ya know… Europe! And how did I know whether I would have another opportunity to visit there in my life.

The school I was at had planned a seven day excursion and we traveled to different places around the country by bus. Under other circumstances, I’m sure I would have hated it, but the new friends and people I was around made it much more enjoyable.  It was actually very exciting.

One of my favorite locations that we stopped at was the BEACH!!! .    Well, not THE beach, but we visited Lulworth Cove and got to stay at the Inn.   It was enough of a beach for us.

During the third day of our journey, one of the bus tires blew out leaving us stranded in a small village.  Our bus was broke down near an elementary(primary) school.  It was basically a small room with damaged walls and a straw roof on the edge of a paddy field.    The school obviously was for the village children, and they were all taught by one teacher.

While we were waiting on the tire to be repaired we played with the kids and shared our tea-breakfast with them. They were happy, we were happy. I realized that by sharing little little joys can give immense happiness to others.  This act of kindness also led our principal to announce that he would be taking us to dinner at one of the area restaurants.

This was one of my fondest memories growing up. It’s always stayed with me.  My family enjoyed the souvenirs I brought back with me. They claimed they were unexpected, haha, but who doesn’t bring back gifts from other countries?  Besides, it’s always brought me pleasure to see happiness in other’s smiles.

When you can make someone laugh or smile by your own efforts, you can have a peace of mind and build stronger social interactions…. even when not in your own country. – CH


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