Brothers and Sisters

Brothers and Sisters

Brothers and Sisters

Although not exactly Family Television, I think most families experience the majority of what goes on in this show. Anyone over like 14 should be able to enjoy it.

My wife and I have been watching it for about a month straight and we’re only to the middle of the 3rd season. Netflix recommended it because we watch Parenthood.

Every few months we stumble upon a new show that we LOVE and can’t stop watching. ‘Binge-watching’ is what they call it I think. We did the same thing with ‘Breaking Bad’.

We don’t have cable, so usually, when everyone is talking about a show, we can’t watch it for like 2 years. haha.  I don’t know. We save money I guess, by not having cable. I recently came across this website, The site has tips about breaking the cable habit.


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