My Love, My All, My Everything

My Love, My All, My Everything

My Love, My All, My Everything

My love,my all,my everything is the first words of my Grandfathers vows he said it to my grandmother and you knew he meant it. He would go to say that to her many more times. It seemed like all the time.

My Grandpa went to developing Alzheimer’s and was always forgetting stuff whether it be names or where he was at, but he never forgot to tell my Grandma you’re my love, my all, my everything.

One day we got the news that my Grandma was dying of cancer. I started driving them both to Dr. visits and chemo. My grandpa was consistent on going everywhere with her. During the chemo and being sick he would hold my Grandma’s hand and tell her, “You’re my love, my all, my everything.”

The day came of my Grandmas funeral we had to wheel chair my Grandpa to the casket, he was crying and through his tears he kissed her head and said, “you will always be my love, my all, my everything. I Love You.”

My grandpa passed away the following year. To commemorate my Grandparents love I read his vows to my own wife and she loved them.

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