The Three Legged Race

The Three Legged Race

The Three Legged Race

Tie my left to your right
We’ll soon discover our weaknesses and strengths
Both wanting victory, but both understanding…
There may be defeat

Our legs and arms flail like a drunken pirate
As I catch your eye, already smiling.
We’re free from trouble, free from harm
I inflate like a proud balloon, ready to explode.

The gun sounds, I rip forward
Without you. I thought I could get to the end
In one leap. I fall and bring you down with me…
Yet you laugh, and bring me back up.

We race like clumsy baby giraffes, beginning to
unify our movements. We’re half strangers, half family
and everything begins to come in sync.
The sun shines, the grass pricks, nature is cheering.

At the end of our dash, we find an already broken finish tape,
As if that is what means failure.  There will be more races,
more finishes, yet we’ve come so far already. We’ve learned
to move together, and despite the loss of this race, we finished together.

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