Look up my friend, look up to that night sky above you.

Those stars you see, impossibly far from where you stand, are the same ones I see.

Those stars, some have witnessed the birth of humanity, others burned out a millennium ago and all we see is an echo.

Impossibly far away, yet  impossibly close, I hope the vastness of the universe makes your troubles melt away and brings you back to another time, I know it brings me back.

I see these stars over me, and I am comforted by that fact that the same stars shine over your head.

One day, that may be the last connection we old friends have.

It is a promise, a promise that as the years pass, we will never be completely alone.

That we will always have this, a faded photo, a scribbled note, a memory of days gone by.

A promise that us two weary travelers one day will meet again, and watch the stars together again, separated by neither mountain nor sea.

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