Being a Grandparent

Being a Grandparent

Being a Grandparent

When my friends would talk about being a grandparent, I would roll my eyes (secretly of course, not in front of them.) I couldn’t figure out what the big deal was, after all wasn’t it the same “dirty diapers, throwing up all over you” routine? THEN I became a grandparent.

I understand now that being a grandparent is your reward for surviving your children growing up. When you are a grandparent, you get to see and enjoy the wonder of a child through the child’s eyes. Because your life is focused in another direction, now you have the time to enjoy what your grandchild sees and does. The wonder in her eyes as she sees a butterfly flitting past. The satisfaction you get as she calls out what bird is chirping, “Mumum, dat’s a wed burd!” because you have taken the time to teach her. The excitement as she watches a tomato she has been watering, ripen and she proudly takes it into her parents to show off her accomplishment.

Then when you are holding your littlest granddaughter who comes a long, and she reaches up with her tiny hands and touches your face and REALLY looks at you, your heart melts all over again.  You realize you once again have the privilege to share in a new life. She squeals with joy when she sees you and laughs when you tickle her belly. You could sit in a chair, with your feet up for hours holding her while she sleeps and you often do because you have the time. You sniff that fresh baby smell in her hair and skin and you are content.

Being a grandparent is all about sharing your time, your knowledge, and yourself. Because your days aren’t as consumed with the hurry, hurry, hurry of this busy world, you can give the gift of time. Because you have been on this earth for a while longer than the parents of your grandchild, your knowledge comes in handy.

You have the time to teach them, to listen to them, to share secrets and to enjoy the little people who have stolen your heart. That is what being a grandparent is really all about.

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