The Child Was Safe

The Child Was Safe

The Child Was Safe

Both my wife and I are working for a multinational company and we had to leave our baby with a babysitter as a result of that. Both of us leave home early in the morning and we ask the babysitter to feed our baby with fast food. This happened for few years and until my child fell ill suddenly during his school time. We rushed to the hospital as soon as we got the news. To our luck, the child was safe.

Then I went ahead to meet the doctor personally and inquire about the health condition of my child. That’s where he explained that fast food is responsible for my child’s illness. According to the doctor, fast food is associated with a lot of unprocessed fats that do not get eliminated from our body in the regular way. Instead, they deposit in our bodies as fats, which can give life to a wide range of illnesses.

My child recovered within few days and we were able to take him home. My wife resigned from her work in order to be more hands-on with our kid. Every morning, she prepared a fresh glass of milk for him and included more and more fresh vegetables in the daily meals. Moreover, everyday she gave fresh fruits to the kid for his desert. If you are a busy parent, I encourage you to learn a lesson from my story and give more organic food to your kids instead of fat food. It will assist you to create a better environment for them.

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