No Vacation Time

No Vacation Time

No Vacation Time

I was 30 years old before I even saw the ocean. Over the last 10 years, I’ve always been busy working 1 job, and usually working 2. I never had time for a vacation because of work schedules. Every now and then I could get away for an extended weekend, but 6-8 hours was the furthest I could get.

So, luckily, a band I was in was invited to play some shows in Key West, FL. I was very apprehensive about going, because I would have needed to double up on work before AND after my trip. To me, this was hardly worth the fun trip. Why would I only want a glimpse of paradise, to end up back in my normal life after. The reason I work so hard now, is so I can eventually live in paradise one day. (Not that Key West IS paradise, but the illusion is there. They have drugs, crime and drunks, so I guess to me, that’s not completely paradise. I love drinking in ‘paradise’, but just enough to enjoy and remember it.)



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