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Jump Jump Jump

Jump Jump Jump

Once there was a boy named John. He lived in Akron, Ohio with only his mother. His father lived in Alaska where John used to live. He hated living in the cold weather and so did his mother so they decided to move to Ohio.

On John’s first day of school he went to principle’s office to find out which class he would have first. He started with science. After he had finished all but one of his classes, now his last class of the day would be gym. John loved gym at his old school. He played for the basketball team there. He had been thinking about joining at his new school considering he was the best player on the team at his old school.

On his way to gym he saw a group of boys messing around with a basketball and decided to ask them if they knew when basketball tryouts were. They laughed at him and said he was to small to play basketball and that they would dunk on him if he showed up. That wasn’t gonna stop John. He was determined even more to make the team now.

The following week was the first tryouts for the basketball team. John showed up about 15 before everyone else so he could work on his shot. It payed off because when they started the first warm up game, John hit five three’s in a row. Everyone around now knew that John was a good player.

The next day at school the boys came over to John and told him that they were going to dunk on him today at tryouts. He wasn’t scared and went to tryouts anyways. After about an hour of practice it was time for the final tryout game. It was going to be the players from the basketball team last year vs the best players who tried out this year. It was a great game and came down the the final point. It was 11 to 11 game was to 12. John had only made 3 points this game and really wanted the ball.

Johns team comes down the floor, ball is passed to John and he runs towards the basket, throws the ball off the backboard and BANG!!! He slams it threw winning the game for the new comers. The End

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