Fight or Pop tart

Fight or Pop tart

Fight or Pop tart

One day while walking home from school I saw a big bag full of cans. I thought maybe I could take them home and recycle them. So I started walking home again and a big strange man walks up and says ” those are my cans”. I got a little bit scared and dropped the cans and ran all the way home without stopping. I reached my house and my dad was there mowing the lawn. “Son why are you running from school? Where there bullies following you home?”. “No,” I said and ran inside. I come inside and take a box of pop tarts and eat all of them. “I hate being so weak, I need to start doing boxing”. After asking his parents if he could box, they said yes yes yes. They would love for him to be a little tougher.

The following week was his first boxing practice. And after that practice he was ready for his first practice fight. He had only had two practices and now was his chance to prove to everyone that he could win and that he wasn’t a weakling. the match started and it was fierce. They threw punch after punch but nobody wanted to give up. Then I hit him with a quick two piece to the stomach and he’s down on the ground crying. I was the winner.

Next week after a couple more practices I was very ready for my next fighter. He came out of the dressing room and my jaw dropped to the floor. This kid looked like a grown man. There was no way that I could beat him. I chickened out of the fight and went home and ate more pop tarts.

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