Why people wouldn’t bot on RS3

Why people wouldn’t bot on RS3

The majority of the”bots” people claim to see ingame like those master farmer bots, pyramid plunder bots are in reality all Venezuelans. Jagex is not slipping with RuneScape gold, they ban bots quite frequently, rarely do lots of bots make to to 99 enjoy the ones that you’ve shown. Everyone calls these accounts”bots” but they are really Venezuelans hand gold farming. They destroy Runescape likely 5x worse than bots. Want any evidence? The weeks they get power outages, the whole runescape market goes up by as much as 30%.bot keep the econmy semi secure, would you rather we had 0 cannonball bots and cannonballs have been 1-2k every because no one would like to make them would be large price changes.

Things woudl go very high in cost people would catch on and then they would nose dive as everybody starts crafting them. A number of robots enables for market economies to have a constant stream of things that real players dont need to make.Almost allows you to wonder just how many real men and women play rs anymore. Because sure there is 100’s on every world, but look how many bots are doing one thing. Now imagine the number of different bots are doing other things like abilities n stuff. Rs would have no player base really.

I believe it is weird how rs3 apparently has a more advanced bot detection algorithm. Bear in mind the bot nukes were the motive wildy and infinite commerce could return. I really do hope that osrs additionally make use of this or possess their bot detection predicated in this. I see no reason why people wouldn’t bot on RS3 but you only see them once in a blue moon.They’re more concerned about bot farms at Zulrah and locations such as that. I was running two accounts to farm zulrah for anywhere between 6 to 8 hours a day and they’d log out when supplies ran out or the two hour log timer I set came up. Made loads of gp but both did finally get banned. They do not care much about those robots there’s people making so much you couldn’t envision it botting things worth while. . And on account you wouldn’t think.

I have a theory. It looks like a number of months ago, jagex needed a enormous bot wipe that ended banning a lot of players that are legit. There was a lot of negative comments for the customer support team because these legit gamers could not get there back accounts, because you can see on reddit and the jagex customer service twitter page. Jagex just is not capable to detect robots, as most robots are programmed to play exactly like a true player. Some bots seem obvious with cheap OSRS gold, by way of example the ones that just conduct pyramid plunder, however the issue with banning all of those accounts is that there is a possibility it is really a true participant. Jagex has a significant issue, and no real way to resolve it.

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