You’re over here bawling your eyes out

You’re over here bawling your eyes out

It destroys the entire purpose of doing content in the wilderness. The next thing you know the pkers will just have each other to kill and most of us know that these kinds of players do not want an actual challenge or any kind of fair fight. They want to screw people over and take their loot since fuck em, they don’t want to really have to play RS gold with the game.All this provides the legit gamers and pking clans a bad rap from the community, and it begins to breed toxicity among players.I was around before the elimination of this wilderness and saw this same crap happen. Honestly the elimination of this wilderness was absolutely among the greatest items for the game at the time, no matter how harmful or controversial it was.

Ignoring the bots using stolen credit cards dilemma, the pvp community has been at its worst for participant interaction before it was removed. Seeing it move and those nasty people with it was a breath of fresh air. I am not a pker either, but I understand how significant the pvp community would be to the game. Simply because these bots don’t actively effect my current experience, does not mean I won’t sense their impact down the line.I used to despise the pvp community back in the afternoon, absolutely loathed it. As it climbed in the launch of OSRS I’ve come to like and admire it, but those robots would be the stepping stone to destroying what they’ve built, and I really don’t want that old toxic pvp community mindset coming back.

I have ta say, I disagree with this particular program not damaging the game. I can be targeted provides an advantage to players and randomly scouted. Case in point: Typical every day participant purchases the Bow of a Craw, liquidates his bank and works WEEKS. – Clan Scans him, maces him because they bought a scanner and months of advancement loose. hurts the health of the game, and the community. Most the people that you’re murdering arn’t clan’s out there yelling in. . 200-400m a Nighttime. Their lender is currently Total that is 200-400m. Honestly, if you are interested in progressing in Runescape at the speed Runescape is performed at… play a different game and fuck off. I perfer you jack up the prices of items by conducting a bot and fucking up hours of the progress. Excuse me, WEEKS or perhaps even YEARS of the progress.

I can tell your life a lot is affected by this. You’re over here bawling your eyes out and calling a massive group of strangers toxic racist assholes all because they attacked you at a location where you’re meant to be attacked by other players with cheap RuneScape Mobile gold. I also really like the people that go”I hazard nothing” and they then get dropped for their money stack or 100 noted bones that are superior. There’s a reason you get attacked in the wilderness. The only time I have poisonous interactions in pvp is when a faggy clan of 30 individuals in max get me and tell me to kms cause they believe they’re good.

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