But there appears to be conflicting reports

But there appears to be conflicting reports

But there appears to be conflicting reports. Joe Vardon, of Cleveland.com, reported on Twitter Monday that as of Sunday “afternoon the Cavs had made no request to Boston for more on Kyrie-[Thomas] trade.” It wa not immediately clear if that meant the team had simply not yet asked for specific players or assets, or if the deal might go through as it was originally agree upon.

When it comes to draft picks, Boston does boast an embarrassment of riches acquired over the years, such as the Los Angeles Lakers’s 2018 first-rounder, and 2019 first-round selections from the Los Angeles Clippers and the Memphis Grizzlies. The Celtics also have their own first-rounders and a bevy of second-rounders.

But Boston appears to be pushing back against adding even more to the trade, considering it already included a prized draft pick. “Word out of Boston is that the Celtics aren’t thrilled with the idea of adding another piece to the trade and are adamant they were up front with the Cavs about Thomas’s injury,” wrote USA Today’s Jeff Zillgitt.
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