The Australia-native’s life began

The Australia-native’s life began

The Australia-native’s life began in a hospital in Nambour, but his parents raised him in a small coastline town in southeast Queensland called Maleny. In an interview on Real Talk with JP McDaniel, he described his hometown as a wonderful place to grow up in that he would like to return to when it comes time for his retirement. When speaking on how much he enjoyed returning home, TobiWan compared breathing the air to taking drugs in jest.

“Just breathing the air from where I grew up, was like being on drugs,” he joked, “I’ve never done drugs, but if I ever thought there was an equivalent to being on drugs, it would be breathing the air from where I grew up.”

His parents originally did not care for his enthusiasm for gaming, and generally only allowed it as a reward for completing his chores. As a result, his pastimes involved traditional sports like cricket and tennis, as he was restricted to a maximum of two hours per day. While reminiscing about his childhood, TobiWan admitted to convincing his mother to allow him to have a computer in his room for studying purposes, though he mostly used it to play game emulators.
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