Dallas Mavs: C Mo Bamba, Texas

Dallas Mavs: C Mo Bamba, Texas

Porter’s stock has dropped this season. Spinal surgery set him back, and teams have also come away from background checks questioning his commitment to winning and ability 2k20 mt xbox one
fit into team schemes.
Bamba is one of the prospects that stands the most to gain during March Madness. The challenge is the No. 10 seeded Longhorns barely got into the the NCAA tournament, and have no guarantee to advance past the first round. Bamba has not been able to consistently shine like some of the other top big men on this list. His talent and measurables are off the charts meaning a breakout performance in the NCAA tournament would be no surprise. Bamba has been saddled by a toe injury down the stretch.

Bamba gives the Mavs another big man as they prepare for eventual life without Dirk Nowitzki.

Chicago Bulls: F Mikal Bridges, Villanova

While comparisons to Paul George are a bit lofty, there 2k20 pc buy mt
a lot to like about Bridges’ game, and he is one of the reasons Villanova is the favorite to win the NCAA tournament. Bridges is shooting over 50 percent in his last four games heading into March Madness. Overall, Bridges is shooting four percent higher than last season from long range at 43.3 percent.

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