Want to remember more stuff?

Want to remember more stuff?

Want to remember more stuff?

Sometimes, we cannot recall things which we want to recall, and we cannot see a full picture due to missing details.

We are afraid to make a decision since we don’t know the outcome, and all this leads to mistakes that we prefer to avoid.

It would be great if our memory was like a hard drive, so we could store and recall anything any time, and if we could correlate all events from the past and see all connections.

This way, we could make no mistakes and precisely forecast the future.

But… our memory is not a hard drive, thus, it cannot work that way.

However, there is something that we can do to improve this:

– When you are preparing to sleep, lying in the bed, try to recall all events of the past day, exactly in the order as they happened, with all details. – If you are finished and still awake – try previous day, and so on. – Next morning, after waking up, briefly recall previous day.

In the end, you will feel the boost. Your memory will improve, you will begin to see the future, you will intuitively avoid mistakes.

But please, be patient – it could take days, weeks or even months, this is very individual, so don’t panic if nothing happens quickly – eventually, it will – or money back 🙂

Just be persistent.

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